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Symbol CD44 contributors: shn/pgu - updated : 22-04-2016
HGNC name CD44 molecule (Indian blood group)
HGNC id 1681
  • any obvious developmental or neurological deficits in mice in which expression of all known isoforms of CD44 is abolished
  • CD44-deficient fibroblasts were highly tumorigenic in nude mice
  • In CD44(-/-) mice, postpartum uterine involution is accelerated and maintenance of lactation is impaired
  • CD44-deficient mice succumb to unremitting inflammation following noninfectious lung injury
  • Macrophage recruitment into M. tuberculosis-infected lungs and delayed-type hypersensitivity sites is impaired in CD44-deficient CD44-/- mice. CD44-/- mice displayed a decreased survival and an enhanced mycobacterial outgrowth in lungs and liver during pulmonary tuberculosis
  • CD44(-/-) human TNF-transgenic mice display severe generalized osteopenia and an increased bone resorption due to enhanced number, size, and resorptive capacity of osteoclasts