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Symbol KIF5C contributors: shn/npt/pgu - updated : 08-11-2013
HGNC name kinesin family member 5C
HGNC id 6325
Corresponding disease
CDCBM2 cortical dysplasia, complex, with other brain malformations 2
Location 2q23.3      Physical location : 149.632.818 - 149.883.273
Synonym name kinesin, heavy chain, neuron specific
Synonym symbol(s) KINN, NKHC, NKHC2, NKHC-2, FLJ44735, KIAA0531, MGC111478, CDCBM2
TYPE functioning gene
STRUCTURE 242.23 kb     23 Exon(s)
10 Kb 5' upstream gene genomic sequence study
MAPPING cloned Y linked N status provisional
Map cen - D2S2335 - D2S2184 - KIF5C - D2S2324 - D2S2277 - qter
Physical map
FLJ11753 2q22.3-q23.1 hypothetical protein FLJ11753 LOC387627 2 hypothetical gene supported by NM_014118 ZFHX1B 2q22 zinc finger homeobox 1b LOC200583 2q23.2-q23.3 similar to Polyadenylate-binding protein 1 (Poly(A)-binding protein 1) (PABP 1) ACVR2 2q22.2-q23.3 activin A receptor, type II ORC4L 2q22-q23 origin recognition complex, subunit 4-like (yeast) MBD5 2q23.2 methyl-CpG binding domain protein 5 DKFZP566F2124 2q23.3 DKFZP566F2124 protein UBBP3 2q22.3 ubiquitin B pseudogene 3 LOC344172 2q23.3 similar to ubiquitin specific protease 8 LOC391451 2 similar to Kinesin heavy chain isoform 5C (Kinesin heavy chain neuron-specific 2) KIF5C 2q22.3-q32 kinesin family member 5C LOC151276 2q23.3 thioredoxin 1 pseudogene 1 LOC130576 2q23.3 hypothetical protein LOC130576 MGC52057 2q23.3 hypothetical protein MGC52057 CL25022 2q23.3 hypothetical protein CL25022 FLJ32955 2q23.3 hypothetical protein FLJ32955 ARHE 2q23.3 ras homolog gene family, member E LOC339782 2q23.3 hypothetical LOC339782 LOC344332 2q23.3 similar to Fatty acid-binding protein, epidermal (E-FABP) (Psoriasis-associated fatty acid-binding protein homolog) (PA-FABP) LOC389054 2 similar to FLJ45645 protein NMI 22q13.3 N-myc (and STAT) interactor TNFAIP6 2q23.3 tumor necrosis factor, alpha-induced protein 6 DKFZP434D193 2q24.1 DKFZP434D193 protein NEB 2q21.2-q22 nebulin ARL5 2q23.3 ADP-ribosylation factor-like 5 CACNB4 2q22-q23 calcium channel, voltage-dependent, beta 4 subunit STAM2 2q24.1 signal transducing adaptor molecule (SH3 domain and ITAM motif) 2 NUDCP1 2q23-q24 nuclear distribution gene C homolog (A. nidulans) pseudogene 1 FNBP3 2q23.3 formin binding protein 3 MGC33864 2q24.1 ADP-ribosylation-like factor 6-interacting protein 6 LOC391452 2 similar to ATP synthase B chain, mitochondrial precursor LOC391453 2 similar to ribosomal protein L23a REPRIMO 2q24.1 candidate mediator of the p53-dependent G2 arrest GALNT13 2q24.1 UDP-N-acetyl-alpha-D-galactosamine:polypeptide N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 13 (GalNAc-T13)
TRANSCRIPTS type messenger
identificationnb exonstypebpproduct
ProteinkDaAAspecific expressionYearPubmed
25 - 6927 100 957 - 1998 9628581
Type restricted
   expressed in (based on citations)
SystemOrgan level 1Organ level 2Organ level 3Organ level 4LevelPubmedSpeciesStageRna symbol
SystemCellPubmedSpeciesStageRna symbol
cell lineage
cell lines
  • a kinesin motor catalytic domain
  • a GRIF-1 binding domain
  • a large globular N- terminal domain responsible for the motor activity of kinesin (it hydrolyzes ATP and binds microtubule)
  • a central alpha-helical coiled coil domain mediating the heavy chain dimerization
  • a phosphorylation site for CSNK2A1 mapped to AA 338 located in the non-motor domain (threonine 338, within the alpha-helical coiled-coil domain which is called the neck domain is the major phosphorylation site for CSNK2A1)
  • a small globular C-terminal domain which interacts with other proteins, C-terminal EYFP-tagged KIF5C, non-motor domain
  • mono polymer heteromer , tetramer
    interspecies ortholog to Kif5c, Rattus norvegicus
    ortholog to Kif5c, Mus musculus
    ortholog to KIF5C, Pan troglodytes
    ortholog to CH211-157C24.3, Danio rerio
    intraspecies paralog to KIF5A and KIF5B
  • kinesin-like protein family
  • CATEGORY structural protein , transport
    SUBCELLULAR LOCALIZATION     intracellular
    basic FUNCTION
  • function as adaptors in the anterograde trafficking of organelles to synapses
  • maintenance of motor neurons
  • microtubule-associated force-producing protein that may play a role in organelle transport
  • motor proteins which transport specific cargoes along the microtubules
  • complex of KIF5C, KLC1 and CRMP2 is involved in transporting tubulin heterodimers and oligomers to the tip of the growing axon
  • imposes restrictions on the growth of the axon and does so at least in part by generating forces on the axonal microtubule array
  • KIF5C is a new binding partner for CSNK2A2, CSNK2A1
  • kinesin motor for apical trafficking of both raft-associated sucrase isomaltase and raft-independent neurotrophin receptor
  • is involved in the passage of apical cargo molecules to a post-Golgi endosomal compartment, where further segregation into distinct vesicle populations proceeds
    PHYSIOLOGICAL PROCESS nervous system , cellular trafficking transport
    a component oligomer composed of two heavy chains and two light chains
    small molecule
  • trafficking protein kinesin binding TRAK1, trafficking protein kinesin binding 2 (TRAK2) and kinesin light chain 3 (KLC3)
  • substrate for CSNK2A1 (phosphorylated by CSNK2A1, phosphorylation that will influence the dimerization of KIF5C)
  • kinesin light chain 1 (KlC1) and collapsin response mediator protein 2 (CRMP2)
  • interacts with adjacent microtubules in the mitotic spindle
  • endogenously bind the full-length variant of VHL (pVHL30) in primary kidney cells, and mediate its association to microtubules
  • ZFYVE27 interact with other hereditary spastic paraplegia-related proteins including myelin proteolipid protein 1 (PLP1), atlastin-1 (ATL1), REEP1, REEP5 (similar to REEP1), KIF5A, KIF5B, KIF5C
  • cell & other
  • associated with microtubules
    corresponding disease(s) CDCBM2
    Variant & Polymorphism
    Candidate gene
    Therapy target