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Symbol MFN2 contributors: mct/ - updated : 08-04-2016
HGNC name mitofusin 2
HGNC id 16877
  • Mfn-2-deficient mice display modest cardiac hypertrophy accompanied by slight functional deterioration
  • hearts from cardiac-specific MFN2 knock-out mice had abnormal mitochondrial and cellular metabolism and were vulnerable to ischemia-reperfusion challenge
  • Mfn2 mutants exhibit severe locomotive defects, which are preceded by the loss of dopaminergic efferents to the striatum, and importantly, these mice show dysfunction in the striatum and motor deficits weeks earlier than the loss of nigral neurons
  • ablation of mitochondrial fusion proteins Mfn1 and Mfn2 in the embryonic mouse heart arrested mouse heart development and impaired differentiation of ESCs into cardiomyocytes