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Symbol SLC33A1 contributors: shn/mct - updated : 25-01-2013
HGNC name solute carrier family 33 (acetyl-CoA transporter), member 1, SPG42
HGNC id 95
Knockdown of Slc33a1 in zebrafish caused a curve-shaped tail and defective axon outgrowth from the spinal cord,
the wild-type human SLC33A1 was able to rescue the phenotype caused by Slc33a1 knockdown in zebrafish, the mutant SLC33A1 (p.S113R) was not, suggesting that S113R mutation renders SLC33A1 nonfunctional and one that wild-type allele is not sufficient for sustaining the outgrowth and maintenance of long motor axons in human heterozygotes.