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1SPACA5, ZNF182, ZNF81
335.4 kb microduplication in chromosome band Xp11.2p11.3 associated with developmental delay, growth retardation, autistic disorder and dysmorphic features.
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2ZNF10, ZNF12, ZNF14, ZNF708, ZNF16, ZNF17, ZNF18, ZNF19, ZNF20, ZNF182, ZNF22, ZNF23, ZNF24, ZNF25, ZNF26, ZNF224, ZNF28, ZNF29, ZNF30, ZNF32, ZNF33A, ZNF34, ZNF45, ZNF7
The KOX zinc finger genes: Genome wide mapping of 368 ZNF PAC clones with zinc finger gene clusters predominantly in 23 chromosomal loci are confirmed by human sequences annotated in EnsEMBL
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3ERAS, ZNF182, TBC1D25, DXS255
A 2-megabase physical contig incorporating 43 DNA markers on the human Xchromosome at p11.23-p11.22 from ZNF21 to DXS255.
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Localization of a novel zinc finger gene to the human 7p11.2-p12 by fluorescence in situ hybridization.
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5ZNF182, ZNF41, ZNF81, MRX89
Clustered organization of Krčppel zinc-finger genes at Xp11.23, flanking a translocation breakpoint at OATL1 : a physical map with locus assignments for ZNF21, ZNF41, ZNF81, and ELK1.
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6ZNF182, ZNF81
Transcription factor genes ZNF21, ZNF81, and ELK1 map to a 400-kb region between the OATL1 and PFC loci at Xp11.23.
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7ZKSCAN1, ZNF10, ZNF12, ZNF14, ZNF16, ZNF17, ZNF18, ZNF182, ZNF20, ZNF22, ZNF224, ZNF24, ZNF25, ZNF26, ZNF28, ZNF29, ZNF30, ZNF32, ZNF33A, ZNF34, ZNF43, ZNF45, ZNF708
Twenty-seven nonoverlapping zinc finger cDNAs from human T cells map to nine different chromosomes with apparent clustering.
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8ZKSCAN1, ZNF10, ZNF12, ZNF14, ZNF16, ZNF17, ZNF18, ZNF182, ZNF19, ZNF20, ZNF22, ZNF224, ZNF23, ZNF24, ZNF25, ZNF26, ZNF28, ZNF29, ZNF30, ZNF32, ZNF33A, ZNF33B, ZNF34, ZNF37A, ZNF37B, ZNF43, ZNF44, ZNF45, ZNF7, ZNF708, ZSCAN20, ZSCAN21
Multiple genes encoding zinc finger domains are expressed in human T cells.
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