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1NCOA3, SS18, SSX1
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2SS18, SSX1, SSX2, IGF1R
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3SS18, SSX1
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4SS18, SSX1
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7SS18L1, SSX1
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8SYT1, SSX1, PLK3, GDF15, MSH2
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13SS18, SSX1
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14SSX1, SSX2, SS18
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16SS18, SSX1, SSX2
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17SSX1, SSX2, SS18
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18BSSX, SSX1, SSX2, SS18
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19SSX1, SSX2, SS18
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21TBC1D25, SSX1
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23BSSX, SSX1, SSX2, SS18
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24BSSX, SS18, SSX1, SSX2
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