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1DDX10, NUP98
Fusion of the nucleoporin gene, NUP98, and the putative RNA helicase gene, DDX10, by inversion 11 (p15q22) chromosome translocation in a patient with etoposide-related myelodysplastic syndrome.
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2DDX10, NUP98
The inv(11)(p15q22) chromosome translocation of de novo and therapy-related myeloid malignancies results in fusion of the nucleoporin gene, NUP98, with the putative RNA helicase gene, DDX10.
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The rRNA-processing function of the yeast U14 small nucleolar RNA can be rescued by a conserved RNA helicase-like protein.
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4DDX10, DDX10P
A human gene (DDX10) encoding a putative DEAD-Box RNA helicase at 11q22-q23.
Savitsky K, et al.
Genomics 33 : 199-206. 1996