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1ATG10, ATG12, ATG16L1, ATG5
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2ATG10, ATG12, ATG5, ATG7, IFNL2
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3ATG12, ATG16L1, ATG5, RACK1
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7ATG10, ATG12, ATG5, ATG7
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8ATG12, BCL2, MCL1
The autophagy protein Atg12 associates with antiapoptotic Bcl-2 family members to promote mitochondrial apoptosis.
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9ATG12, ATG3, ATG5
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12ATG12, ATG5
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16ATG12, ATG5
A new protein conjugation system in human. The counterpart of the yeast Apg12p conjugation system essential for autophagy.
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17ATG12, COL1A1, NID2
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