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last update : 04-10-2017
Symbol MRX1
Location Xp11.22
HGNC id 7238
Name mental retardation, 1
Corresponding gene IQSEC2
Other symbol(s) MRXA, MRX18, MRX78
Main clinical features non-dysmorphic, but global developmental delay, microcephaly, and severe, intractable epilepsy, including mild epilepsy and epileptic encephalopathy
Genetic determination sex linked
Function/system disorder mental retardation
Type disease
  • overlapping with a large number of other MRX gene regions : MRX5, MRX7, MRX8, MRX9 (309549), MRX10, MRX11, MRX12, MRX13, MRX14 (300062), MRX15, MRX18, MRX22, MRX26, MRX31, MRX38, MRX50 (300115)