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Symbol FOSB contributors: mct/npt - updated : 02-03-2009
HGNC name FBJ murine osteosarcoma viral oncogene homolog B
HGNC id 3797
Location 19q13.32      Physical location : 45.971.252 - 45.978.436
Synonym name
  • oncogene FOS-B
  • murine FBJ osteosarcoma viral (v-fos) oncogene homolog B, ligand induced, immediate (primary) early response gene
  • G0/G1 switch regulatory protein 3
  • activator protein 1
  • Synonym symbol(s) G0S3, GOS3, GOSB, MGC42291, DKFZp686C0818, AP-1
    TYPE like-sequence
    STRUCTURE 7.18 kb     4 Exon(s)
    10 Kb 5' upstream gene genomic sequence study
    regulatory sequence
    MAPPING cloned Y linked N status provisional
    Physical map
    CLPTM1 19q13.2 cleft lip and palate associated transmembrane protein 1 RELB 19q13.32 v-rel reticuloendotheliosis viral oncogene homolog B, nuclear factor of kappa light polypeptide gene enhancer in B-cells 3 (avian) SFRS16 19q13.3 splicing factor, arginine/serine-rich 16 (suppressor-of-white-apricot homolog, Drosophila) ZNF342 19q13.32 zinc finger protein 342 GEMIN7 19q13.32 gem (nuclear organelle) associated protein 7 EIF5AP3 19q13.2 eukaryotic translation initiation factor 5A pseudogene 3 LOC284352 19q13.32 hypothetical protein LOC284352 FLJ33600 19q13.32 FLJ33600 protein MGC2650 19q13.32 hypothetical protein MGC2650 LOC388552 19 similar to BC043666 protein XTP7 19q13.32 protein 7 transactivated by hepatitis B virus X antigen (HBxAg) MARK4 19q13.2 MAP/microtubule affinity-regulating kinase 4 CKM 19q13.2 creatine kinase, muscle LOC390943 19 similar to 40S ribosomal protein S16 KLC2L 19q13.3 similar to 40S ribosomal protein S16 ERCC2 19q13.3 excision repair cross-complementing rodent repair deficiency, complementation group 2 (xeroderma pigmentosum D) RAI 19q13.32 RelA-associated inhibitor ASE-1 19q13.3 RelA-associated inhibitor ERCC1 19q13.3 excision repair cross-complementing rodent repair deficiency, complementation group 1 (includes overlapping antisense sequence) FOSB 19q13.3 FBJ murine osteosarcoma viral oncogene homolog B RTN2 19q13.3 reticulon 2 VASP 19q13.2-q13.3 vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein FLJ40125 19q13.32 hypothetical protein FLJ40125 OPA3 19q13.32 optic atrophy 3 (autosomal recessive, with chorea and spastic paraplegia) GPR4 19q13.3 G protein-coupled receptor 4 EML2 19q13.32 echinoderm microtubule associated protein like 2 GIPR 19q13.3 gastric inhibitory polypeptide receptor SNRPD2 19q13.2 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein D2 polypeptide 16.5kDa FLJ20084 19q13.32 hypothetical protein FLJ20084 20D7-FC4 LOC388553 19 LOC388553 SIX5 19q13.3 sine oculis homeobox homolog 5 (Drosophila) DMPK 19q13.3 dystrophia myotonica-protein kinase DMWD 19q13.3 dystrophia myotonica-containing WD repeat motif RSHL1 19q13.3 radial spokehead-like 1 SYMPK 19q13.32 symplekin
    TRANSCRIPTS type messenger
    text stable isoform delta FosB
    identificationnb exonstypebpproduct
    ProteinkDaAAspecific expressionYearPubmed
    4 - 3776 35.8 338 - Schuermann (1991)
    - - 3668 31.4 302 - Schuermann (1991)
    Type ubiquitous
    constitutive of
       expressed in (based on citations)
    SystemOrgan level 1Organ level 2Organ level 3Organ level 4LevelPubmedSpeciesStageRna symbol
    Endocrinethyroid   highly
    Reproductivefemale systemuterus  highly
    Respiratoryrespiratory tracttrachea  highly
    cell lineage
    cell lines
    at STAGE
  • basic leucine zipper (bZIP) protein
  • a C terminal transactivation domain
    interspecies homolog to murine FBJ osteosarcoma viral (v-fos) oncogene B
  • bZIP family
  • Fos subfamily
  • CATEGORY transcription factor
    SUBCELLULAR LOCALIZATION     intracellular
    basic FUNCTION
  • putative gene regulator for cellular mechanisms mediating neuronal excitability and survival
  • control of sensitivity to cockayne enhanced by delta FosB through changes in CDK5 level
  • implicated in the regulation of genes important for inflammation, proliferation, and differentiation and have been shown to be involved in wound healing (Neub 2007)
  • CELLULAR PROCESS cell life, proliferation/growth
    cell life, antiapoptosis
    nucleotide, transcription
    PHYSIOLOGICAL PROCESS behavioral , development , nervous system
    signaling signal transduction
    a component
  • forming heterodimers (the AP-1 complex) with JUN family of proteins
    DNA binding
    small molecule
  • cockayne
  • protein
  • CDK5
  • is the mediator of SERPINB2 transactivator function explaining the orientation dependence observed for SERPINB2 transactivator activity
  • FOSB and JUN can derepress transcription from the SERPINB2 promoter which may have general significance for SERPINB2-expressing cells
  • cell & other
    corresponding disease(s)
    Variant & Polymorphism
    Candidate gene
    Therapy target
    Forebrain patterns of Fos and FosB induction during cancer-associated anorexia-cachexia in rat (Konsman 2005)