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Symbol WASHC5 contributors: mct/shn - updated : 31-03-2021
HGNC name WASH complex subunit 5
HGNC id 28984
Morpholino oligonucleotide knockdown of the KIAA0196 protein ortholog in zebrafish resulted in an enlarged heart cavity, along with a curly-tail phenotype that severely impaired the ability of the fish to swim properly
  • Overexpression as well as knockdown of strumpellin in prostate cancer cells affected neither cell proliferation nor invasion
  • Strumpellin knockdown causes a marked reduction of axonal growth in human SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells
  • Strumpellin knockdown in zebrafish induces cardiac contractile dysfunction, pericardial oedema attributed to a reduction of systolic heart function, and loss of motoneuron formation
  • Strumpellin morphant zebrafish embryos displayed severe skeletal muscle dysfunction