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Symbol FMR1 contributors: shn/ - updated : 26-09-2018
HGNC name fragile X mental retardation 1
HGNC id 3775
  • In neurons from Fmr1 KO mice mRNAs were deficient in glutamatergic signaling-induced dendritic localization and single mRNA particle dynamics in live neurons revealed diminished kinesis
  • Mouse KO brain showed reduced kinesin-associated mRNAs
  • Fmrp-null mice show reduced adult hippocampal neurogenesis
  • Fmr1-/- mice showed elevated response thresholds to both click and tone stimuli
  • dysregulation of Fmrp-Grm5 signaling pathway, accompanied with a downregulation of Gabrb3 expression, may contribute to the 'autistic-like' features observed in En2 mice
  • Fmr1 KO mice have decreased proinflammatory cytokine hippocampal mRNA expression, specifically interleukin (Il6 and tumor necrosis factor (Tnf), compared with wild-type mice