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Symbol ACTN3 contributors: mct - updated : 24-03-2021
HGNC name actinin, alpha 3
HGNC id 165
  • Actn3 KO mice showing reductions in muscle strength, increased endurance capacity, reduced fast fiber size, shifts in fast fiber metabolism toward oxidative metabolism
  • Actn3(-/-) mouse displays significantly reduced bone mass, with reduced cortical bone volume (-14p100) and trabecular number (-61p100) seen by microCT
  • deficiency in the Actn3 KO mouse results in a shift in fast-twitch fibres towards oxidative metabolism, which would be more "energy efficient" in famine, and beneficial to endurance performance
  • Actn3 KO mice were significantly lighter than their WT counterparts and therefore showed an improved cold tolerance after normalizing for body weight