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Symbol SIRT1 contributors: mct/shn - updated : 24-07-2016
HGNC name sirtuin 1
HGNC id 14929
  • SIRT1 is not only induced in mouse models of neurodegeneration but also in primary cultured neurons under neurotoxic stresses
  • Sir2-alpha null mice smaller at birth and died during the early postnatal period
  • Disruption of Sirt1 expression in zebrafish and mice resulted in defective blood vessel formation and blunted ischemia-induced neovascularization
  • Sirt1-deficient mice are reported to exhibit severe neural defects, including exencephaly and disturbed neuroretinal morphogenesis
  • Sirt1 knockdown in mIMCD3 cells enhanced alpha-ENaC mRNA levels and alpha-ENaC promoter activity, and inhibited global H3K79 methylation, particularly H3K79 trimethylation, in chromatin associated with the alpha-ENaC promoter
  • mouse embryo fibroblasts lacking SIRT1 contain reduced PML protein levels (