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Symbol CD163 contributors: mct - updated : 26-01-2016
HGNC name CD163 molecule
HGNC id 1631
corresponding disease(s)
Other morbid association(s)
TypeGene ModificationChromosome rearrangementProtein expressionProtein Function
constitutional     --over  
in acute liver failure significantly correlated with fatal outcome and might be used with other parameters to determine prognosis
constitutional     --over  
during the hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome acute phase were significantly higher in patients than during the convalescent stage and the levels in the healthy controls
constitutional     --over  
in monocytes of active Crohn disease (CD) or ulcerative colitis (UC), associated with increased macrophage activation
constitutional     --over  
in people with diabetic polyneuropathy, suggesting that inflammation plays a role in the development of neural impairment
constitutional     --over  
in gestational diabetes mellitus
tumoral     --over  
associated with poor prognosis in patients with ovarian cancer
constitutional     --over  
association of elevated sCD163 with organ dysfunction and adverse outcome of critical illness
constitutional     --over  
in patients with scleroderma
Variant & Polymorphism
Candidate gene
  • soluble CD163 may be a potential biomarker for the severity of diabetic polyneuropathy
  • soluble CD163 values were significantly higher in bone marrow samples than in the matched blood samples, and is a a novel biomarker in multiple myeloma
  • may have a role as a biomarker of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) activity suggesting that resident macrophages are important for joint destruction
  • Therapy target